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Wholesale 18k Gold Jewelry

Many people feel that using the term "quality" in describing wholesale 18k gold jewelry is not justified. But the "karat code" or caratage, you know that this is only one of the factors that should be used in determining its market value. The word "karat" means "bean seed" has its origins in Arabic, because they were used in the measurement of gold. The wholesale 18 k gold selections available to you at 14kGoldEarrings.com are crafted with the same care as our 22 k gold jewelry.

It is worth noting that only 24 kt is considered to be "pure gold", because gold is a naturally soft metal, it must be alloyed or "cut" with another metal in order for 18, 14 or 10 kt gold jewelry to be made. This means when you buy wholesale 22k gold jewelry, the gold has an alloy content of about 9 percent of one or more metals. The difference is that wholesale 18 carat gold jewelry has about 6 percent more alloy content, relatively 25 percent.

In the past, wholesale 18 and 22 k gold jewelry was alloyed with silver, palladium, copper, iridium and rhodium for years. But now there is a growing new trend towards using nickel, also known as "German silver", as an alloy. At 14kt.com we will be glad to explain the alloy content of your wholesale 14k gold jewelry purchases, should you have any concerns regarding sensitivities to the alloy metals.

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