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Wholesale Gold Charms

If you are looking to add more interest to your jewelry selections, take a look at the wholesale gold charms that are enjoying an increased level of popularity today. If you decide to take advantage of the "charming" history of this particular piece of gold jewelry, you will be pleased at the original selection of wholesale gold charms offered by our designers at 14kGoldEarrings.com.

Although the demand for wholesale gold charms is on the rise, the first charm bracelets were made of semi precious gemstones and inscribed with designs of goddesses/gods associated with special powers. However, by the 19th century, gold charms became a must-have accessory, in fact, they were considered to be a required item of jewelry, made fashionable when Queen Victoria began wearing a charm bracelet of small lockets containing family portraits.

Gold charms for bracelets were on almost every wrist during the 1940's and 1950's, when soldiers brought back charms from cities they had visited during World War II. Now, over fifty years later, designing unique and quality wholesale gold charms is keeping jewelers busy as they create gold charms for the popular themes of today, such as Celtic, astrology, sports and of course, love.

The wholesale gold charms you will find at 14kGoldEarrings.com, appeal to teenage girls and adult women, many whom began collecting charms when they were teenagers themselves. These women now have teenage daughters and may want to pass on their personal gold charm bracelet or give them one of their own.

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