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Wholesale Gold Jewelry

To find quality wholesale gold jewelry from amongst the multitude of dealers, approach with caution. The beauty of gold has an overwhelming effect on the senses, and now with the advanced production techniques available, it is easier than ever to deceive the untrained eye. You will find a wonderful collection of top quality wholesale gold jewelry at 14kGoldEarrings.com.

Wholesale gold jewelry should have an attractive color that catches the eye, but the feel of gold should be pleasing as well. This can only be achieved when it has a density of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter in its pure form and a cold temperature, that no other metal can claim. Whether you are shopping for 18kt, 14kt or 10kt wholesale gold jewelry, the staff at 14kt.com will be please to give you the design specifications of your selections.

The color of wholesale gold jewelry is directly related to its purity, when this metal is mined, 24kt gold has the brightest yellow color and a fineness of 1,000, but as the amount of the alloy metal increases, the color decreases. Wholesale gold jewelry that contains more than 20 per cent silver is called electrum. You will find wholesale gold jewelry with alloys of copper and iron. Wholesale white gold jewelry has a greater hardness than yellow gold because it contains the alloys of rhodium, iridium or palladium. The more you know about what to look for in wholesale gold jewelry, the more you will appreciate shopping at 14kGoldEarrings.com.

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Wholesale Gold Jewelry

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